Has your concrete pool deck seen better days? Are you trying to find a way to get your decking ready for summer without having to dig into your savings? We know that the task might seem impossible as many contractors in Kettering will try to convince you that the only way to get your pool deck back is to “simply” replace your concrete. Well, we know better!
We can get your pool deck ready for the hot summer months with our service of pool deck resurfacing! Pool deck resurfacing is a process where we save your existing concrete slab with micro toppings and concrete coatings. With pool deck resurfacing you can:
Well here at American Dynamic Coatings, we have been providing a flooring solution that holds true to its promises for decades! This flooring system is known as epoxy flooring and it can expand on the previous benefits with features such as:
  • Completely Customize Your Pool Deck
  • Help You Concrete Pool Deck Last Longer
  • Save Thousands Of Dollars And Weeks Of Time
At American Dynamic Coatings, we are dedicated to saving our neighbors’ time and money. Ready to learn about pool deck resurfacing and what it can do for you?
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    Is Pool Deck Resurfacing Worth It?
    Benefits Of Resurfacing Your Pool Deck
    Customize Your Pool Deck
    • Save Thousands Of Dollars
    • Provide A Safer Pool Deck
    • Increase Your Homes Value
    • Prolong The Life Of Your Concrete
    • Save Weeks Of Time
    • Simplify Maintenance
    • Safety From Harsh Chemicals
    • Make Your Own Personal Oasis
    Process Of Pool Deck Resurfacing

    The Process Of

    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Heres What Pool Deck Resurfacing Really Is:
    Pool deck resurfacing is the process where you don’t have to tear out and replace your existing concrete slab, keeping the underlying plumbing and your pool safe from becoming damaged. Down below, you will find the actual process of our pool deck resurfacing service:
    • To begin, we repair all the hazards and damage that are on your pool decking. We fill all cracks, gouges and even lift stains to ensure proper adhesion
    • Next, we coat your entire pool deck with an advanced micro-topping to create a flat and uniform base for the next step of the process, the customization of your pool deck! In other words, our micro toppings provide a blank canvas for your backyard.
    • Now it is the time where we begin installing the concrete coating(s) that you have chosen to craft the backyard of your dreams.
    • Don’t know what coating to choose? Don’t worry we have outlined the most popular coatings down below!
    Does Your Pool Deck Need To Be Resurfaced?
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    Materials For Pool Deck Resurfacing

    We Offer In Kettering
    As one of the top concrete coating companies in Kettering, we have the widest selection of concrete coatings for your pool deck. It doesn’t matter what your tastes may be, we offer something for everyone! Down below, you will find all of the top concrete coating systems that we offer to get your backyard ready for the busy and hot summer months
    Pool Deck Resurfacing Kettering
    Stamped Concrete
    Stamped concrete overlays are an amazing way to spruce up your pool deck with benefits like:
    • Stamped concretes customization is unbeaten in the backyard with our selection of stamps ranging from natural stone, intricate paver patterns and even cobblestone
    • We can even use stains to create highs and lows on your stamped concrete, you won’t be able to tell the difference between natural and stamped!
    • Stamped concrete also offers a thick layer of protection for your concrete from heavy traffic, dropped objects and more
    Concrete Wood
    Wood Concrete
    Do you love the look of wooden pool decking but don’t want to deal with the expensive and harsh labor of having one? Our rustic wood flooring may be for you:
    • Wood stamped concrete offers virtually the same appearance of wood flooring but offers the durability of concrete
    • We craft our stamps for wood concrete out of real wood so your knots, grain patterns, and even plank sizes will not differentiate from real wood
    • The only maintenance you will have is replacing the sealer ever 5 years!
    Pool Deck Repair
    We are one of the few contractors in Kettering that have been trained and have experience with Sunkdek so here’s what its all about:
    • Sundek is one of the most trusted pool decking manufacturers around the world and has been creating coatings since the early 1970s!
    • Sundek was actually the first company to use the ever-popular finish of “knockdown” which offers amazing slip and skid resistance and an elegant finish
    • Sundek also offers dozens of other coatings such as overlays and stains
    Pavers Over Concrete Pool Deck
    Pool Deck Pavers
    Pavers are the perfect pool decking for pool deck resurfacing as they hide all repairs and imperfections with a layer of stone and benefits like:
    • Pavers are ultra-durable so heavy foot traffic, dragging furniture and even dropped objects will leave the pavers unfazed
    • Even though they are durable, in the off chance a paver does break, you will find repair simple as placing a new paver in the damaged pavers place
    • Pavers can be installed as quickly as 2 days!
    Concrete Pool Deck Repair
    Pool Deck Repair
    Sometimes your pool decking doesn’t need to be completely resurfaced sometimes all it needs is a simple repair. Here are the pool deck repairs our team can handle:
    • Cracks are the most common form of pool deck damage but our team can have them filled and covered in as little as one day!
    • Is your pool deck peeling away? Our team will apply bonders to the affected area after a stable point is found to bring back a uniform pool decking
    • Sometimes all you need is for your decking to repainted or resealed and our team can have this done in as little as hours!
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