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    Epoxy Flooring Kettering, Ohio

    Epoxy flooring is a mixture of resin and hardeners that bonds with a clean and porous concrete surface. As the flooring system dries, it creates a plastic-like layer protecting your concrete from stains, impact, chipping, cracking, and so much more. Our professionals are here to help you decide what type of flooring is the best for you and your property. For more information about our concrete flooring services, call us today! With decades of combined experience, our team here at American Dynamic Coatings is ready to help you with all of your questions and concerns.
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    Rustic Wood Flooring

    Rustic Wood Flooring
    The best way we can describe rustic wood flooring is by comparing it to a real wood floor! Authentic wood floors have been used in homes for hundreds of years because, for a while, that was all that was available; however, like everything in our society, wood floors were updated, and more options were made available. Wood floors have expensive flaws that leave homes and businesses spending more money than they ever intended, so that is where rustic wood comes in! Rustic wood flooring offers all of the same benefits of authentic wood floors without the drawbacks.
    Benefits include:
    • Resistance to impact, scratches, and staining
    • Does not shrink or crack when temperatures change
    • Can be installed with slip-resistant qualities
    • Is strong and long-lasting
    • Has a much more affordable price-tag than real wood
    • Requires little to no maintenance
    Epoxy Flooring Options

    Types of Epoxy Flooring

    Our team installs epoxy flooring systems in many different areas, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
    Garage Epoxy Flooring

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Garage floors need to be properly taken care of because they are constantly exposed to different temperatures and chemicals. Some of the benefits of epoxy garage floors include:
    • Resistance to vehicle fluids, stains, grease, oil, and impact
    • Hot tires do not cause any peeling, chipping, or damages to the design on the floor
    • Garage epoxy floors are heat-resistant and easily designable with different colors options
    Basement Epoxy Flooring

    Basement Floor Epoxy

    Having a basement doesn’t mean it has to be a dungeon type area that scares you every time you have to go down them! A basement can be a great additional room for your home with a professionally installed epoxy flooring system. Basement epoxy floors are great because:
    • Epoxy floors are waterproof, these ensure the foundation of your home is resistant to mold and mildew and other damages that would spread quickly throughout the rest of your home.
    • Dust and debris have nothing on your basement floor! Epoxy floors are easy to sweep because they keep all of the dust on the surface.
    • Redesign your basement floors with epoxy options that can mimic other flooring solutions making your basement more inviting than before
    Mettalic Floor Epoxy
    Metallic epoxy flooring is the most beautifully designed flooring systems on the market. Metallic epoxy floors create unimaginable designs by manipulating pigmentation that is added to the mixture. Metallic epoxy floors offer:
    • 100% solid epoxy, making it incredibly durable and resistant to damages
    • 3D illusions that resemble craters, waves, clouds, and more
    • Metallic epoxy floors last over two decades and require very little maintenance during that time
    Commercial Floor Epoxy

    Commercial Floor Epoxy

    Our professional epoxy flooring installers have offer installation benefits for many different businesses that are all looking for completely different things. Epoxy flooring systems are insanely versatile and can accommodate all kinds of businesses. Epoxy commercial floors are strong, resistant, affordable, and easily installed. We have provided services to a lot of different commercial properties, like:
    • Hospitals and clinics because epoxy is antimicrobial
    • Retail centers and lobbies because epoxy floors provide an elegant glass-like shine that can be designed with different colors, logos, and designs
    • Business buildings and universities because epoxy floors can be installed quickly and offer different types of safety qualities that make them fantastic for areas with high levels of foot-traffic
    Industrial Floor Epoxy

    Industrial Floor Epoxy

    Epoxy flooring systems have always been attributed to industrial-type facilities because these are the areas that need the highest quality flooring systems. These floors are constantly exposed to chemicals, heavy machinery, impact, and foot-traffic. Industrial facilities want flooring solutions that are safe for their employees, safe for their machinery, and flooring that will pass any inspections that occur. We surface industrial facilities regularly, some of those areas include:
    • Food and beverage because epoxy floors abide by USDA guidelines
    • Pharmaceutical areas because epoxy floors are known for creating sterile environments
    • Warehouses because epoxy floors can handle the pressur
    • Chemical plants because epoxy floors are resistant to chemical-breakdown
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    Concrete Resurfacing
    Don’t let other concrete flooring companies fool you into thinking that you have to completely replace your floors, resurfacing is affordable and quick. Call us today for more information.
    You can resurface any concrete area in your home or business! This is a much more affordable and realistic option for pool decks, garages, driveways, walkways, and patios. Completely replacing a concrete surface is more than double the cost of a resurfacing job!
    Benefits of resurfacing concrete include:
    • Different design options
    • Quick process, between 24-72- hour projects
    • Elongates your concretes lifespan
    • Highly affordable
    Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing:
    • Creates a slip-resistant surface
    • Adds a safety quality that resists absorbing heat, making bare-feet walks safe and enjoyable on your pool deck
    • Design options include mimicking wood, tile, or stone
    • Different colors and patterns can be installed
    • Raises property value over 15%
    • Lasts for decades
    • Creates an easily maintainable surface
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    Industrial Floor Epoxy
    Springfield, Ohio
    Floor Coatings and Polishing
    You have options, let us help you! EConcrete polishing is affordable and coating your concrete is a no brainer!
    Benefits of concrete polishing and coating
    Concrete Polishing:
    • Stain resistance
    • Improved lighting and reflectivity
    • Increased slip-resistance
    • Fewer maintenance requirements
    • Cost-effective reduces energy costs and does not require special waxes or cleaners
    • LEED approved, does not release VOCs into the air
    • An affordable and quick way to improve your concrete
    • Reduced wear and tear on your vehicles and machinery
    • Can be done on all of your concrete surfaces
    Concrete Coating:
    • Increases your design options and opportunities
    • Seals off your concrete surface from the rest of the world
    • Moisture and water-resistant
    • Mold and mildew-resistant
    • Different colors and patterns available
    • More affordable than other decorative surface options
    • Can be installed indoors and outdoors
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      Do you have questions about our epoxy flooring?Find your questions and answers below
      How long will my epoxy floor last?
      The lifespan of you epoxy floor depends on a few details that can either elongate or shorten its lifespan. Residential floors that have less foot-traffic will last much longer than commercial epoxy floors that see thousands of feet every single day. The application process is another important factor in the lifespan of an epoxy floor. If the epoxy coating was not applied properly, the lifespan of the floor is much shorter than if it had been properly applied. On average, if the entire application process and the floors weren’t being mistreated, an epoxy floor can last 5-10 years.
      What is the installation process?
      Generally, the installation process varies depending on the condition of the slab. The installation process starts with inspecting the concrete floors and ensuring that they are in good condition to properly cure with an epoxy coating. After it has been determined that the concrete can be used, any paints or previous sealants need to be removed. After all previous coatings have been removed from the concretes pores, the surface will be repaired, cleaned, and ground to open the surface pores. The application process can begin, the resin and hardeners are mixed separately and then combined.
      Do you provide free estimates?
      Yes! Call our professionals and get more information on our installation process and what we do for you
      How long does the entire installation process take?
      Because we have decades of experience we do not need more than a couple of days to install your epoxy garage floor coating. With us, you are in good hands.
      Can epoxy be installed anywhere?
      If you have a concrete slab in good condition, the epoxy coating can cure to it! Call our professionals for more information.
      Benefits of epoxy floor coatings
      • Epoxy coatings are strong, 10,000 PSI
      • These floors are resistant to chemical breakdown
      • They are not inhabitable by mold or mildew
      • Any concrete surface that epoxy is applied too will be impact, stain, and scratch resistant
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